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Getting UnStrung: Lessons From a Rope

Getting UnStrung: Lessons From a Rope

It was a normal morning for me as I climbed 20 feet into the air on the rope in my Trapeze class.  I was trying a new technique in which one straddle pikes into the air and locks the opposite leg by hooking it onto the rope in order to pull the torso upright and continue the climb on the other side.  No problem.  Two more sets and I’m to the tippy top.  I got this…

Suddenly, I realize that I used the wrong leg to lock the rope and I’m 100% stuck in mid~air, tangled, with nothing to release me from the lock.  My coach is nearly 20 feet below me and gives me this look that says “UH OH!”… The grip from the tangled rope is getting tighter and tighter as I start to panic and quickly feel muscle exhaustion set in.  Did I also mention that I’m terribly afraid of heights?  I am terribly afraid of heights.  My first thought was “Oh GOD! I can’t do this!” My second thought; however, was…”You can do hard things!” In a flash, I muster every bit of strength I have in me to curl my torso toward the ceiling and pull myself upright and beyond until the rope loosens it’s seemingly deadly grip.  Once I got my trembling body safely on the ground, I had the biggest rush of gratitude along with a great analogy.

That challenging and terrifying moment was my growth spurt.  I didn’t initially think I had it in me to pull myself out of it, and yet, I did.  It could be compared to any challenge in my life.  I’m remembering so many times when I have been stopped in my tracks by an extremely difficult circumstance, and had to pull from a strength only given to me by reaching beyond my little self to the big SELF.  I like to call them spiritual sit-ups!  It’s that last and final heave of effort and practice of FAITH that really creates the breakthrough!  Here’s to more spiritual sit-ups & MANY more breakthoughs!  xoxo, ~t

BTW, here is what a “successful” straddle pike climb looks like!

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