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Pearl Jam Seeps Into My Bones!

Pearl Jam Seeps Into My Bones!


We have an upcoming Cabaret show at my Circus school so, I took some time to practice my technique on the Trapeze bar in search of a performance.  I’d been attempting a few different variations of moves for about 30 minutes, taping each of my attempts to see what looked interesting.  Nothing was working.  I just couldn’t FEEL it. My body was bored with the repetition.  My heart was too.

I moved into the front studio and stepped up to a new bar thinking that a geographical change might help.  What I was not expecting was the perfect timing of an old, beloved Pearl Jam song to start playing on my last round.  Something happened!  I was inspired.  As you watch the vid below, you’ll see when the music starts to seep into my bones and technique falls away.  My body instinctively began to dance.  It was, by far, NOT perfect.  I made tons of mistakes; however, they became my little found treasures as I continued to explore the flow.  I was alive, and my mantra was “YES and…”!  You may also notice while watching this vid that as soon as someone came to grab their ipod from the music box, the party was quickly over. 😉

Each day I write a gratitude list to try and keep myself in a good, gracious state.  Music often makes top of my list.  This time, Pearl Jam got the gold gratitude star!


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