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  1. Your soulmate must be Charlie Chaplin. Loved to hear his speach again on your Facebook site 22.november 2016.
    It´s a part of history. So is “Love, Peace and understanding” – or is it ??

  2. I knew thee some weeks ago and as soon as I fell in love with you (so fun and beautifull) and its work (elena undone and other). Expect That one das I can admire it more closely in a coming her for the Brasil…..Kisses traci of is its newest fã:)

  3. Dear Traci,

    In May last year you were in Sydney for a Supernatural convention. I was there to accompany my younger cousin who adores Supernatural. The bonus for me was that you’d be there (: You met so many people that day, and being only human, there’s no way you’d remember your interactions with every one of us, but I guess I need you to know how special it was for me.

    I was blown away by your energy on stage. You were funny and sweet and full of kind words for everyone. Your call and response was incredible, everyone joined in.

    When my cousin and I went to get a photo with you, you pulled us close and told us to sandwhich you (that still makes me chuckle). Later, I approached you for an autograph and asked if you would take the role of Wonder Woman if it was ever offered to you. You said you would, and that you’d want to “do it right”. (I still think you’re the best woman for the job.) I told you that I don’t watch Supernatural, but that I knew you from Elena Undone. You looked at me and replied, “No shit?!” Then you asked, “family?” and high fived me when I nodded. I’ll never forget that moment, how you managed to make me feel so good about myself, about who I am. I actually felt proud of who I was for the first time ever.

    That night my cousin and I stopped for dinner on the way home. I remember that the old couple behind us kept staring at me and whispering to each other. I smiled, they glared. I was in pretty boyish clothes, including a men’s leather jacket. I assumed that was their problem with me. But I thought back to your words, your smile, your high-five. It brought me out of an impending bad mood.

    I’ve struggled with self harm since high school (I’m 19 now, and still fighting). I’ll admit, little things seem to really trigger me. That night, I might’ve felt completely awful about the way that elderly couple were glaring at me. But I guess the good stuff that day won out over the bad.

    I didn’t mean for this message to be quite so long :p But I guess I just want to say thank you, so much. You really are a beautiful soul (:

  4. I SO wish Elena Undone had been available many years ago.. it would have saved me from a lot of heartache! I wonder just how many young (or older) women have found the bravado to live authentic life, because of the character of Elena?
    I always knew I was ‘different’… I just couldn’t correlate why I felt different. I ended up leaving my husband after 15 years of marriage when my pieces fell into place, I left with my 3 children (now all adults living very successful and balanced lives) and told my family by mailing them CD’s and lyrics of Tina Arena’s “Now I can Dance.” (It didn’t go down very well.. and my parents are still stuck in old-fashioned land, citing: “What about the children?” Well… the children are my biggest support and always have been!
    Sadly, my first and only gay relationship was 8 years of domestic violence. Today I am single because I found my voice and broke free from it.
    Today I am Julie.. Julie Undone 🙂

  5. Olá Traci. Espero poder vê-la aqui no Brasil, pois somos um povo muito feliz e alegre, assim como você é, aliás, além de atriz fabulosa, você é muito bem humorada, assim como nós brasileiros. Você é maravilhosa. Beijos e sucesso.

  6. Draga mea Traci,
    Încă de la început aşa vrea să-mi cer mii de scuze, pentru că nu ştiu engleză. Ţi-am mai trimis în urmă cu câteva zile un mesaj pe facebook dar am încercat să-l traduc în engleză prin intermediul unui program de la calculator. Am văzut azi ce greşit este tradus în engleză.
    Aş vrea să-ţi spun că sunt foarte bucuroasă că Dumnezeu mi-a scos în faţa ochilor o femeie minunată aşa cum eşti TU, draga mea Traci.
    M-au emoţionat toate filmuleţele tale de pe Youtub. Eşti doesebită şi sunt sigură că cei din jurul tău sunt fericiţi că te cunosc! Şi eu aş fi, crede-mă!
    Aş îndrăzni să-ţi spun că m-aş bucura tare mult dacă aş avea posibilitatea să putem vorbi! Ştiu şi sunt sigură că ai un program destul de încărcat, însă cea mai fericită aş fi dacă mi-ai acorda şi mie câteva minute din timpul tău preţios!
    Nu ştiu engleză, dar îţi promit că am să învăţ de dragul tău!

    Cu multă stimă , respect şi mult drag,
    CLAUDIA . V.

    P.S. ,,Sper ca acest mesaj să-l citeşti TU. O să-l trimit şi în română şi în engleză –tradus de mine aşa cum mă pricep”.!.

    My dear Traci,

    Right from the start so you will require thousands of excuses, because I don’t know english. I’ve sent in a few days ago a message on facebook but I tried to translate in English by means of a program from the computer. I’ve seen today what wrong is translated into English.
    I’d like to tell you that I am very glad that our God has removed you looking at a beautiful woman as you are, my dear Thracians”.
    They have excited all (or often hilarious) on your Youtub. You’re doesebită and I’m sure the people around you are happy that you know. I wish I were, I say.
    I would not dare to tell you that I enjoy very much if I have the opportunity to we can talk! I don’t know, I am sure you think you have a program quite loaded, but the happiest I’d be if you grant me a few minutes of your precious time!
    I don’t know English, but I promise you that I have to learn for your sake!

    With great esteem, respect and fond,
    Claudia. V.

    “P.S. “I hope that this message you to read it. And he sent to, and in English and in English -translation from me the way I’m good” . !.

  7. Traci,como toda boa brasileira, sou franca e sem meias palavras. Portanto, TE AMO MUITO, TE AMO MUITO,TE AMO MUITO…
    Venha conhecer o Brasil, venha logo…

  8. Bugger just saw you were in Aus this year (2012) obviously missed it – any future plans for talking the long flight back here??? Pleaaaassse lol!! Love your work happy New Year!!

  9. Greetings from the sunshine state. I don’t do much tv or movies but caught Elena Undone on netflix recently and became an instant fan. You have a rare presence and will look forward to watching more of you. I can’t find much info on Wonder Woman yet, but I think you would be outstanding. Good luck in everything you do and much happiness. Fan for life.

  10. Bonjour TRACI

    Je suis française et je comprends un peu l’anglais mais je ne l’écris pas.
    Je viens de vous découvrir dans le film de Nicole Conn, vraiment merveilleuse (Nécar aussi) J’ai lu tous les messages de ce présent site et je partage tous les compliments qui vous sont faits.
    Pouvez vous me donner le nom de votre site web?
    Merci d’avance et bonne continuation dans tout ce que vous faites. Merci, bons baisers de FRANCE

    PS Parlez vous Français? Connaissez vous personnellement NECAR?

  11. Heya Traci,

    Just left a tweet, but had to stop by your website to say you’re an incredible actress. One that’s both down to earth, and quirky which I’m sure all of your fans love because I certainly do.

    There’s just so much to say about how amazingly awesome you are and how blessed we, fans, are. I’m not sure I could put it into words, but from what I’ve seen in the comments – the others beat me to it already.

    I’d just like to thank you for being an inspiration to people like me and the rest of your fans. You’re my role model, and I only hope that one day I can be as sweet and as impossibly gorgeous as you are(all natural and still far more beautiful than any other actress!).

    And, after my ranting of praise and admiration, I’d like to end with: I’m hoping your day’s going well, and that you stay smiling. And if you’re not, I hope this brings a smile to your face 🙂

    Loyal always, your fan

  12. Oi Traci, desculpe por escrever em português, mas não sou boa com o inglês, portanto espero que a tradução seja melhor que eu quando ler isto.
    Enfim, conheci o seu trabalho recentemente, através do filme Elena Undone, assim como tantas outras pessoas me encantei pela história, mas, o que me chamou atenção mais do que a história que é linda, foi a forma que você atuou, de maneira maravilhosa, parabéns. Suas expressões são tão tocantes e verdadeiras que mesmo após ver e rever milhares de vezes o filme, não me canso, fico sempre torcendo pela Peyton, e foi isso que me fez procurar por você, pelo seu trabalho admirável, sua atuação encantadora e fiquei muitíssimo feliz por saber que você é admirável também fora das telas, fora do palco, as palavras de amor, de gratidão que você posta e fala em suas redes sociais com certeza são de uma pessoa verdadeira e depois que a conheci desta maneira fico a pensar como seria maravilhoso existir mais Tracis pelo mundo. Com seu espirito jovem e entusiasmado cativando corações e sorrisos pelo mundo a fora. Obrigada por isso Traci é gratificante saber que existe alguém como você no em algum lugar. Desejo que você receba em dobro todas as coisas boas que transmite para as pessoas, te cumprimento pelo ser humano, pela mulher que é. Desejo-lhe tudo o que houver de melhor em todos os sentidos. Que Deus abençoe a você e teus entes queridos.
    Um grande abraço,de alguém que torce pela sua felicidade.

  13. Фильм Елена – свободная Elena Undone глубокий и чувственный, он о серьезных и взрослых отношениях. Каждый однажды повстречает того единственного (и неважно, кто это будет — мужчина или женщина), кто изменит взгляды на мир, заполнит все ваше существо, подарит ощущение великого счастья, вызовет отчаянное желание быть с ним все время, даже если придется перевернуть небо и землю.

    Этот фильм — ода любви, которая преодолевает все препятствия.


  14. Dear Traci! I do not know where to start. I really admire your game as an actress. You are insanely beautiful woman and looks and spirit. I would like to have a friend like you. I live in Belarus, where hate people with same-sex love. And why we are so hard to live with the idea that if someone finds out about it once will hate. No one to pogovarit on this topic.can only open up to you. I was 8 years old I live with a girl who originally said that she loved me, and now I feel that she lost interest to me. My family and close friends do not know, what we have it otnasheniya. Because it if they knew they would turn away from me. They think that it is a sin. But is someone to love – is a sin. Even eating is a person of your gender. I don `t know what to do next.

    PS: I am very izvenyayus for my very bad english.

    Yours Marina.

  15. Hi Traci,

    Greetings from the islands of Philippines. I have been following you since I saw the BRASS TEAPOT.

    I did the whole straight thing my whole life knowing in my heart that I am gay ever since I can remember. It isn’t easy being a gay woman in this country–much more living in a small province where gossipers abound–i have seen lesbians beaten and openly mocked, and it was just a few years ago that i decided to come out–damn the fears and damn what society expects. It still isn’t easy, but I am happier than I have ever been. I am still fighting the good fight and praying that more people like you would give us courage to accept ourselves and live our lives as we should.

    Thank you and may your beautiful life continue to inspire others.

    cheers 🙂

    • I do not understand why people become violent over anything but especially over someone’s relationship preference as it causes no harm to anyone.

      I’m a straight, white male and still feel that any prejudice based on race or sexual preference is extremely wrong.

      I wish more of the world would accept the compassion of the Dalai Lama and The Buddha.


  16. Traci and other T-Bugs!

    Evening yall! I am looking to start doing some yoga to try and relax (grad school = some serious stress) and try to gain some semblance of flexibility. I can’t really afford classes, but am looking for some suggestions on good places for beginners to start doing some basic yoga, any suggestions?

    Thank y’all!

  17. Hi Traci. I have to admit I didn’t even know you were in the world until about two months ago when I saw Elena Undone for the first time. I loved the movie. After I saw the movie I noticed your internet presence and what a cool and beautiful person you seem to be. I recently read your blog in Curve Magazine about your trip to Australia and loved it. I felt like I was right there. I just wanted to say, I am glad people like you are in the world breathing the same air as me. I Can’t wait to see more of your work. Blessings. db

  18. Dear Traci

    No idea how and where to start… Anyway, I saw “Elena Undone” a couple of months ago and felt like any other of your fans on this site: euphorically. First… But then I was devastated by the simple fact, that it is impossible to find the true soul-mate in this big world, (especially when you know you are gay and do not have the courage to come out with this… and, moreover, when you are social-phobic…).

    Now I am reading the book “Elena Undone” and I am burning inside, because I have no idea how to live the empty life I have been living for 38 years any further. I am simply stuck in the loop.

    I really do not want to bother you or any of the t-bugs.

    I just hope, that you have had more luck and have found your Dear One already.

    I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart. Please take care of yourselves, as you are absolutely unique.

    In love

  19. Hello Traci. About a year ago I was sitting on my couch feeling sorry for myself while my partner was sleeping soundly in our bed in the other room. I remember feeling very lost, lonely, and trapped; in a relationship of almost 7yrs, and so unhappy. But I didn’t feel I could do a darn thing about it…I was doomed to life in a emotionless partnership until I die…soon, hopefully. Although sober for almost 8yrs at the time, I felt so disconnected from fellowship and any incling of friendship. (my partner was a very jealous and manipulative person and would often give me grief if I wanted to spend anytime with a friend.)
    But, as I said…I was sitting on the couch, flipping throu the many movies on Netflix, trying to find a movie “to get lost in,” when I came upon Elena Undone. I streamed it and watched it…and I was mesmerized. Mesmerized by the story, the characters, and the brilliant acting. For the next month, I lived in that movie. Every night when my partner went to bed at 8pm, I would stream Elena Undone on Netflix and watch my favorite parts, getting lost in the feelings of the characters, the facial expressions, the passion.
    I’ve watched a lot of different “lesbian romance” movies, but this movie just did something to me.
    In my unhappy relationship, depression had set in and I was eating away my unhappiness…feeling like a sloth every night, stuffing my face with food…for it was the only comfort I knew. I was trapped in a relationship and my only “love life” was this movie, Elena Undone, that I would watch every night. Just before my 8yr sober Anniversary, I had a bit of an awakening. Being a writer by nature…poems and short stories; I had always dreamed of writing a novel though never had the complete idea for a plot. Elena Undone encouraged that in me. One day I woke up and while driving to work, an entire plot for a lesbian love story developed in my head. I became exhilarated. I began that day developing the story. Words just flowed out of my fingers as I typed line after line, paragraph after paragraph, chapter after chapter. I started going back to my “roots of sobriety” and developed friendships with women who started carrying me through the pain, loneliness, and fears. By January, I was done with the relationship with my partner. I had the courage to end that 7yr relationship and begin a new one…with myself.
    Since I was a kid, all I ever dreamed about was to be in love with a woman. Today, I am learning to be in love with myself. I have numerous wonderful friends who love me for me, I started working out at a gym…for me, and I’m starting to write again. My life today has become “beyond my wildest dreams!” And it all started with a little movie called Elena Undone.
    Just wanted to share that with you….you have inspired me!!



    • Susan,
      Geez, could I relate to your commentary about your stale relationship devoid of passion! See the next Nicole Conn movie “A Perfect Ending”. The theme is life is not worth living without passion. Passion doesn’t have to mean sex, but it does mean interest, energy and connection to something bigger than yourself. I’m looking for that too even though I’m retired and 69. As they say, “it’s not over until the fat lady sings.” And I haven’t sung yet.

      Best wishes to you.

  20. Olá Traci,tudo bem? meu nome é Lu Bitencourtt,sou cantora e compositora aqui no Brasil. Me tornei sua fâ ao assistir o filme Elena Undone que uma amiga me presenteou,amei,amei de verdade a sua atuação,a historia é muito bonita e me fez lembrar que devemos de verdade acreditar no amor.Seja ele entre homens e mulheres,gays,lesbicas e Etc.. da formas que ele nos apresentar devemos sim investir em nossa felicidade,espero que pense assim tambem.Adoro ver suas fotos no facebook.beijos

  21. Hi Traci! I loved his film “Elena Undone”, seemed so real, sensual and especially exciting! I can not stop taking his eyes off you! You are incredibly beautiful and sexy! Left me completely in love with you! ^^

  22. Hi! I writing in Spanish because that is my native language. Te conoci en la pelicula “Elena Undone” la cual vi dos veces seguidas para disfrutarla mejor. Es una pelicula bella. Es una total expresion de amor de principio a fin.
    Las escenas intimas son realmente maravillosas y de una profundidad extraordinaria. Te busque enseguida en Netflix y no tienes muchas peliculas. Lo lamento pues desde que te vi considero que eres una muy buena actriz con extraordinaria calidad emotiva. Tus gestos son tan evidentes como tus palabras. Te felicito. Siento una gran atraccion hacia ti, desgraciadamente platonica. Yo vivo en Miami asi que no creo que te conocere personalmente. Esto lo hace mas interesante.
    Te deseo todo lo mejor en tu vida ahora y siempre.
    Un abrazo fraternal.

  23. Traci,
    I am very excited about your AIDS/Lifecycle and wanted to get more info.
    I am a keen cyclist and ride in London everyday and would love to challenge myself to complete the 545 miles for such a great cause. I have been onto your donation site but wanted to ask a few questions before I look into signing up.
    I live in London and was wondering how accomodation works on the 7 day ride? Is this something I would need to organise prior to making the trip over or do we just pitch tents up along the road 1* stylee? 🙂
    Also, shipping my bike over to the states would probably cost a fortune, is there any way of hiring a bike through the charity site?
    Sorry for my questions but I couldn’t find this info on the site as Im a bit crap.
    I work in events managment so have lots of clients who would sponsor me (or whom I could blackmail ;-)so think the $3k would be an achievable target for me to raise.
    Muchos grateful for any info you can give or where I can find it on the site.

  24. Bonjour Traci
    Je suis à une période de ma vie où j’ai besoin de trouver des réponses et le film Elena Undone m’apporte ces réponses. Je l’ai regardé des dizaines de fois et je tenais à vous témoigner mon admiration pour votre talent d’actrice et votre beauté, ainsi que mes remerciements pour me permettre désormais de rêver et d’espérer trouver un jour ma “Peyton”. Bonne continuation. Sincèrement.

    • Bonjour Lou je suis contente d’aprendre que le film Elena Undone t’ai apporter des réponses.Pour ce qui est de trouver Ta Peyton je te le souhaite,on souhaite tous trouver son ame soeur la femme avec qui on veux partager notre vie.

  25. Ms. Traci,
    I saw a video of you at the Boston supernatural convention(the one where you answered you phone on stage). i was touched at how honest you were. you said that you have had some experiences with spirits and such. my parents have friends who are psychics.i think that you are absolutely correct. we are all connected. “psychics” have just figured out how to open themselves to the energy that connects us. i have had a great deal of spiritual experiences and was glad to see, when i watched this video, that i am not the only insane person in the world. 🙂

    i also just wanted to say how awesome you are! you seem like a very fun and loving person. i do not have a huge sob story to tell you(yet) because i am still very young, but i do have trouble with being myself around other people. i suppose i feel like their opinion of me would turn negative(though now that i think about i don’t know why it would, i’m not a terrible person) if they knew who i really was in my own head. but i am pleased to say that you have inspired me to not care what other people think anymore(to a certain extent).

    i don’t know if you like board games, but i think that you might like the game called, “the gift of enlightenment”. you have to tap into your higher self to be good at this game. it involves knowing(not guessing) what colors cards have on them when you cant see them and other similar things. my family and i love to play this game and i have found that over time i get better at it. it takes me less time to know what color the card is. also certain colors have a certain feeling about them. anyway, i just thought you might find it interesting.

    thanks for your inspiring spirit

    with love


  26. Hi Traci, I just wanted to say thank you for keeping it real and keeping it honest. I am in the closet and struggle with it every day. I know my family would not understand. I saw Elena Undone and was touched by the authenticity of the characters. The story was beautifully told with depth and passion. It gives me the hope that one day I too will find that love of my life and break out from the suffocation. You inspire and offer us the escape from our own struggles for a little while. You are a wonderful actress and I hope you continue to act for many, many years to come. Thank you for bringing in the light.
    With much love and respect,

  27. Traci,

    I was wondering when you first started going to Yoga how often you went? I have gone once and that has been about 3-4 weeks ago now. My partner and I have ended our 5 1/2 year relationship (but it is good mostly) and I just have not had time to get back. I am going to go again tomorrow and I am considering looking into a drop-in yoga class as my fitness center doesn’t have them very often. When I went I felt really good and I was really grounded when I left…but life happened. Is it something where I could go 3-4 times a week or would it be better to start slower? I really like the connection to mind, body, and spirit. Any advise you might have?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!

    Kind Regards,


  28. Ms.Traci, I come thank your friendship and inform that through your friendships, I found a love: -) Right now, i’m living one of the best phases of my life therefore, i am gotten passionate! For everything, Thank You : -)

  29. Namaste.    __/\__

    Dear Miss Traci,

    Just a quick note to show you some love, respect and gratitude. Today is Friendship Day, and I would like to acknowledge you not only as a mentor, but as a friend on this special day. You, Lady T, haven given me that extra kick in the ass to dig deep within and reclaim my own self. Thank you for sharing your strength, courage, love, fears and triumphs with all us T~Bugs out here. You have a pure heart and a gentle soul, something we have in common.  🙂 big smiles! Thank you for being you!   GoodIsness

    Your Friend,

  30. Дорогая Трейси,
    Я не первая и не последняя женщина, которая хочет выразить Вам восхищение и уважение! Вы талантливая актриса и безумно привлекательная женщина. Таких женщин как вы единицы *) Это правда! Я живу в России. У нас однополая любовь под запретом и это печально. Хочется любви и быть любимой…
    Прошу прошения что пишу на русском языке, но так мне лучше выразить свои чувства.
    Удачи вам! С любовью Ирина 🙂

  31. Dear Traci,
    I m trying to find words you did’nt read yet after your Elena Undone performance, but it’s hard. I could write in my native italian, it would be maybe more seldom: sei bellissima, vorrei tanto conoscerti. In my dreams you are coming to Berlin. Write me if is true, I can show you the city!

  32. Dear Traci,

    You have stunning charisma on your pictures. Your eyes and lips are constantly smiling. Tomorrow I’m going to get my hair done because I love your short hairstyle. It would be great if you could have a little trip to the east Europe. I believe that It’s magical and for you completely unknow land.
    I love it here and there are gorgeous women as well.

    Best regards

  33. Hey just wanted to say you are awesome. You made me realize that it is ok to be me. I have struggled with this for 14 years. Instead of being truthful to myself I hid behind a bottle. I have finally started to clean up my act a little at a time tho there are time I grab for the bottle. The hardest part for me is asking for help just wanted to thank you for making me finally realize that it is ok to ask for help. Just wanted to say you are beautiful inside and out

  34. Hello Traci-
    I just saw your Trapeze Cabaret video. I have 2 words…



    Thank you for being “you”. You are amazingly inspirational with how you find the juice in life and live through love and gratitude!

    Honor and Blessings to you!

  35. I feel really blessed to have come across your website! The incredible positive energy is so refreshing. You’re an amazing actress, but you are even more amazing to share your journeys, struggles and joys-along with some pretty rockin’ staches!! I myself am starting my journey of not using alcohol as the “healer” in my life-I walked away from so many things I used to love to do: theater, music, spiritual growth-it completely overtook my life-it’s inspiring when I read others who have overcome addiction and have not only become healthier, but happier! I want to drink life in again, not a liquor bottle!! Thanks for your words of wisdom!!!

  36. Hi Tracy, i am brasileira and i love You, You are beautiful, all beautiful. No speak english, but i love You. Xo xo!

  37. First, I thank you for playing the role of Payton in Elena Undone. I’ve seen the film many times and it gives me something new every time. I am a “late bloomer” and trained by my parents to be a kind and good girl and live my life by what others think, so it was hard to break all conventions and become a lesbian/bi. Many times is it hard to stand up for my self and what I want to do with my life. When I first saw Elena Undone it’s crush right into my heart / soul, and it gives me strength to believe in myself and stand up for me. Every time I see the movie it gives me the strength to raise myself again. Because I have lived with a man and have kids it’s not only your story I recognize myself in, but I think your acting in the film is so amazing, strong and yet so fragile and warm. Many of your glances in the movie touch my soul and I think you are one of the most beautiful actresses I know of. I have read, and believe that we are all energy, and that we are all one, so maybe that’s why some people touches me so deeply that I feel I am being lifted to a higher level in this thing called life… So I just keep passing the open windows!
    Take care and Thank you , from Norway

    • Hi Wivi,
      I understand where you are coming from as I am a “late bloomer” as well. Trying to find the space in this world for me as I really am. I too got married and have two beautiful children. I feel certain that unless we live to our fullest potential, it is not really showing our kids the best of life yet.

      Maybe one day we can find each other while pasing those open windows!



  38. Hey Traci…Very cute name..watched your muvi today for the first time..m a girl n m gay and I have been in the similar type of relationship.but now it got m very depressed..watching u n ur muvi took me into the past..want to talk to you..I wish I cud. but if u read this please do reply.

  39. Bonjour Traci, je ne parlerais pas de vous en pensant à vos rôles au cinéma….ce ne sont que des interprétations, certes excellentes, mais que des interprétations. Le principe de réalité doit pré exister en tout ! a

    • pardon pour la coupure 🙂 je disais que ce qui me semble le plus important c’est le fait que vous cherchiez en vous l’équilibre par une ingiène de vie évidente. Le corps et l’esprit ne sont pas séparés et vivent ensemble. Si l’un ne va pas , l’autre non plus. Mon métier me le démontre tous les jours. Que vous soyez une femme engagée dans ce que vous faites est digne du sexe féminin et doit exister en chacune de nous. Mais puis-je me permettre de vous suggérer de garder l’oeil ouvert, réceptif aux choses qui arrivent et d’écouter votre coeur au plus profond de ses faces cachées. Seule la voix du coeur est la bonne et la vraie.
      Merci d’avoir lu (je l’espère mon petit mot)
      Prenez soin de vous, toujours

  40. Hi Traci! Beautiful girl!

    I am a teacher of chemistry, I’m 34 and I’m passionate about her lifestyle. I watched the film Elena Undone and after finishing it was numbed with his eyes, his smile and interpretation. For the first time, finished a film with a wish to know a little actress. I looked for you on the internet and found a beautiful girl and talented. I like music very much. Everything I do it with me. See and hear you play is magical. Love your video of a yoga class in which you play, it makes me relax when I get home after a day of classroom. That touch, your voice, make me well. Despite the distance, I was on vacation in September, going to meet him at the resort. I am a woman who loves women and I’m always looking for my happiness.
    I will keep watching your website and its follies. I found a crazy like me for life.
    Keep it up … Beautiful and crazy.
    I like you for being .. just for being.
    Many kisses, fondly.
    Sorry my English, I am Brazilian. You know Brazil?

  41. Hi Traci,

    Recently, I’ve watch the movie “Elena Undone”. I haven’t seen such a great and beautiful lovestory before. I was jealous after watching this movie. THIS IS WHAT I WANT! The story…
    I recognize so much in Elena! Its f**** frustrating…
    The film has opened my eyes and I decided to choose for myself. Iv broken my releation. At the moment Im single, but I trust that one day I will find my soulmate.
    And you….You were fabulous in this movie. And i think in real life too, but also crazy, in a good way 🙂 ♥

    XXX Car

    • Traci, Pleas do not think me impertinent or disrespectful of your privacy, but my heart compels me to write this comment. There is something deep inside of me that keeps telling me that you are not really yourself these days. I have been following your posts on Facebook while you’ve been in Hawaii and I sense that your normal high enthusiasm seems somewhat tempered and you are more reflective than usual in most of your posts. Whatever it is, Traci, please know that you are very much in my prayers and will continue to be. I hope you can read my care and concern. I know all your T~ bugs wish you well. May peace be with you and Good~Isness!

    • Car,
      I felt the EXACT same way after watching Elena Undone. It really opened my eyes as to the kind of relationship I want. And Traci was AMAZING as Peyton! Such chemistry between Peyton and Elena. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and wish more were made like it.


  42. hello Traci,

    I really admire what you’re doing and supporting the gay community, i am also closeted for so many years..I had gained little strength by watching your Elena Undone film plus searching answers online and from close friends that I can rely my secret. so far I came out nearly 1/4 of my whole friends family involvment yet–im really very scared of being rejected and being bashed around..
    I dont know, for now my strength is coming from you,just watching you and other gay people who came out– the ever popular Mr Anderson Cooper, who I envied so so jealous.
    I hope I will have same courage to come too..and be proud and smile and free to love the person I long for.
    actualy I have somebody i cared for but she’s straight and we work together..same company..rejected me once, but im still hoping…
    loved your work Traci and enjoyed watching you gracefully on the trapeze..Gosh how did you do that? you’re amazing

  43. Hello Traci, I mean Ms. Dinwiddie,
    My name is Taylir but my stage name is Angel or sometimes Angel Fire. I’m a huge admirer of you and your wonderful career as an extraordinary actress. I watched Elena Undone and found it very romantically and informitive movie. I was wondering if you always wanted to be an actress? Or, did you want to be something else incredible as well. Ms. Dinwiddie, you have given me a new kind of hope in the field of acting. So, I was wondering, more like hoping, you could give me some advice about that area that would be most influential to me and my to-be career. I would be most apprechietive if you would reply back. But I do understand that you are a very busy lady. So I’ll wait with hope.
    Taylir from Tulsa, Oklahoma

  44. Traci, thanks for the beautiful job you did in your interpretation of Peyton in Elena Undone. Every nuance was perfect. I watch the film almost daily and have for over a month. Now I’m desperate to see “A Perfect Ending.”

    Some people say that my facial expression gives me away. But, your eyes give you away. They reflect anger and suspicion well but also, I detect, a huge amount of humor. I love your playfulness and most of all your joy in living. I will be 69 in September, and sometimes I forget the joy. Thank you for bringing it back to me (I loved your dancing to the Diggerido).

    Best wishes in your career, whatever it turns out to be – trapeze, drumming, singing, acting, etc. Most of all, may all the love and support you need in your life find you and fill you with peace and contentment.

  45. I have just recently become a fan & t-bug & tweet at you often. Thank you so much for your thoughts & prayers for our flooded little community in FL. I am finding it astonishing that officials are denying people help, especially for the community just a block from me who has lost so much. I am amazed at your many activities (acting, drumming, trapeeze etc) & your right, your a fruitcake to boot! 🙂 Looking forward to your next project!!

  46. It ‘s true … nothing in life happens by accident. You know what is empathy? Certainly yes! Now, at this time really difficult for me, you come and put me under the eyes the way out. I am here, for now. I can not do the trapeze, I can not do yoga :-)) but I can follow and learn “more about how to get and stay healthy, improve your relationships, get started on creating business That you’ve been dreaming about, and learn how to be an effective community builder.” Thank you so much … P. S. excuse my English but I’m Italian and I find it hard to write and read English but I will .. I’m going all out!
    Ciao Traci.

  47. Hello T-mom! I saw that T-villa (fb,t-bugss)named you that! I had not been here long time, and the facebook page to, be nice that in the meantime, nothing has changed, and always a positive atmosphere, super,awesome :)))-thank you for it :)))! ! aaaaa I don’t know how long the mail go to the United States, but i sent to you a small gift, nothing special, but from the heart :))))!!! thank you for that you are, and wish for you all the best, and at your heart-peace :))))))!!!!

  48. Dearest Traci,

    How gracious and loving to ask if we see replies to our posts!

    I love to come to your website to read both the comments of
    those that write to you, but to get to see even further into your heart by the sincerity and love in your responses. There are so many times when each of us feel insignificant and alone. It’s YOUR love and sharing that brings us the hope and push we need to come through those lonely times. There aren’t words to express how much that means. I have she’d more tears since I found you than I had for to many years in the past. Tears of love, tears of joy, tears of compassion. Thank you, from all of us, for sharing you love and the light that shines from your very soul.

    Tears are again streaming down my face.
    My heart overflows and spills those tears.

    You are so special.

  49. Hello Ms. Traci,

    Your film “Elena Undone” opened my curiosity of knowing you! Your perform is shining and Necar also!
    In Portugal does not pass your films, only the Supernatural series, what immense moan!
    As I found it brilliant, it wanted knows you a little more and I searched it through the FB and I subscribed your page and since then I follow everything that makes! I loved community “T-Bugs”, loved Moustache Monday, I loved knowing your friends and already I communicate sufficiently with some! Your work in the trapeze is fantastic, your body well worked and your spirit of life is pretty! I adored to hear tele-summit via web and your words help me sufficiently! I wait to get your respect and that it allows the publication of photos, musics, messages in the FB.
    From Portugal, from Me… Big hug 🙂 Amélia (sorry my english)

  50. “Life is a canvas. Go all out! Make it a masterpiece that will be admired long after you’re gone.” – Elizabeth Burkett

  51. Traci,

    Because I wanted to say “thank you” to you in a special way for the tremendous inspiration you have been to me with your beautiful, love-filled, gracious life, I have made a small contribution to Groove Goodess Film and Web projects. I wish you much success in whatever endeavors you undertake in this initiative. Many blessings and Good- Isness!!

    • Dear Barbara,

      Thank you so much for your support of my work as an artist/actress. It’s people like you who keep me trudging the road on tough days.
      I’m thrilled to have you in our cyber community & hope you will reach out to the other T~bugs for the simple pleasure of having fun with them! Blessings, ~t

  52. Hello Traci,

    You impressed in a tele-summit for women who love women!
    Which succés !
    For you only, I try to write in english (a bad english).
    You be in love et c’est merveilleux pour vous (french)
    Je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur, de sérénité,d’amour et je continuerais à suivre votre carrière .
    Peut-être même reviendrais-je sur ce blog ???
    The time will say it …
    Take care of you always

  53. Dear Traci~
    thank you for sharing your experience in life,love and health!you inspires me :’)’re such a beautiful,kind and sweet person that i know 🙂 #GoodIsness
    i think one day i have to tell you about my 8years relationship with LOVE ONE(Nov this year our 9years aniv!)we keep our secret from being gay from families and some other friends. this is so hard for me to keep ‘lying’ and ‘hiding’ from people who couldn’t understand us but this make us more stronger and love each other.pray for us!
    XO. 🙂

    • Dear Hasmida,

      I shall hold you & your partner in my heart’s prayers. May you both feel peaceful & strengthened as you claim your authenticity. I understand your challenges. Many of us do. We are everywhere, loving you- loving ourselves- loving those who cannot understand YET.

      Blessings, ~t

      • Dear Traci~

        THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers,encouragement and support :’) may God bless you always. What a great thing if you were my sister and always by my side so that I can express what I feel and tell you everything about my LOVE ONE.Just so you know you’re such a beautiful,sweet and inspired person that I know.Thank you again <3


  54. Dear Ms. Dinwiddie,
    My name is Taylir. I’m 22 years old and I have become a huge fan and admirer of you and your work. I think you are a talented goddess. I was wondering if I could ask you what made you want to be an actress? I myself did acting in highschool along with singing and band. So, I was intrigued by you and your work as an actress and wondered how you got started? I know you may not reply to this but it was worth a shot. I really loved you in Elena Undone. I thought that movie was very inspiring. It has actually impacted my life with new and interesting ideas on love and friendship. If you do read this, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read it.

    Taylir (from Tulsa, Oklahoma)

  55. Dear Traci-
    Still have openings for T-bugs? I feel like we are sisters from different mothers. Your energy and delight in the world inspires me. I have 29 yrs trudging the road and discovering your spirit and fun (mustache, anyone?) have brought a bit of a smile to my heart and a desire to pass it on.


    • Laura,

      You are funny! Welcome to the T~bug tribe! Thank you so much for visiting my site. It’s much more fun when good, groovy bugs come by to say “hey”! xoxo, ~t

  56. Well, here it goes, hi my name is Rosie and I am a socialphobic. I for a long time have had problems with anxiety and being around people. I have a hard time being around people and knowing what to do in social situations. I am in college now and have been around a lot more people and have found some close friends that have accepted me for my crazy self. Toward the end of the spring semester I have come to realize that I am not who I thought I am. I realized that I am Bi. It is really hard comming to terms with this. I have always been open to others in the LGBT community, but I grew up around a very small and ‘old school’ community. It is also hard because I feel like I have a whole other set of social rules to learn. So now my anxiety is skyrocketing and I am trying to figure more about myself. I told my mom and she embraced me with love and support. She is my rock and my world, but I feel like I need to find support and help by those who truely understand what I am going through.

    I don’t really know how, but I found about “Elena Undone” one the internet and bought and LOVE it!! And ever since I have become a fan of yours Traci. I gotta say, I find it pretty cool that you represent the B’s and how amazing you are! You are just a beautiful person inside and out! You have truely inspired me to be myself through your courage and your hilarous self.

    So thank you Traci, thank you so much for being a beautiful and unique person. I hope you read this.

    A shy fan,

    • Hello dear & shy Rosie,

      Look at you being so bold & leaving a comment on my site! I’m inspired by YOUR courage. Yes, sister. This whole “Who am I? & How do I fit in?” thing is a tough one. I’ve had many challenging times before becoming comfortable in my own skin. Now, let us be strong, creative & spirited women who can do challenging things! (including leaning into social situations, speaking our truths, & asking for support as we go)

      I bow to you in your brave self~love work, ~t

      • Dear Traci,

        Thank you so much for replying to my comment. And thank you for your inspiring words and thoughts. You give me hope and courage to be myself. It amazes me how much energy and work you put into connecting with your fans and fellow members of the LGBT community. It makes me glad that there are people like you out there.

        THANK YOU!! You are an amazing actress and person!


  57. Traci dear. Horses Will. I tried to make a donation to. did not happen. instead. the goddess: I did donate to the site.

  58. Dear Traci,..
    You’re a great woman with a huge heart. You inspire me every single time I see somethin of you.
    There should be a lot more people who are like you.
    Keep it up! Greetings from Austria

    • Dear L (I am assuming this is what ya go by from your chosen user name)
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m always amazed by technology & how’s it’s given us the ability to be in community with wonderful
      people like yourself all over the world. In response to your encouragement to keep it up, I promise to you that I shall continue to share my silly self with yas. It’s an honor & pleasure. Truly, ~t

      • Thank you for answering, Traci.
        Sorry, my name is Lisa. At first I was a little shy, so I just wrote the L 😉
        I’ve many good friends and people supporting me, but I would wish to have someone like you in my life. Just you, using your sexy sweet charm to reach people, with so much joy of living. Great! Just like I told you, keep it up! 🙂
        Faithfully, Lisa

  59. Hello Traci, from Paris, in France
    I’ve just see your movie “Elena” that I love, really! Because of the emotional feeling which is emanated.

    And I’ve just discovered that you are a famous athlete.
    For you Cozumel is synonym of Yoga, for me, is DIVE, a famous Dive spot that I would Like to explore since à long Time! Perhaps, I shall come in spetember to dive and to initiate to Yoga With you! Why not?
    Thé problem is that Mexique is far from France!

    You are a very beautiful woman With a lot of Talent!


  60. Absolutely love the new pics you’re putting up on your website and facebook! Love the transformation! Very professional and very sexy.:-) You are blessed with beauty inside and out. RARE BREED! I follow you on facebook and twitter, but I don’t have an account for either one, so when I have a comment I guess I will post it here. Thank you for being you and sharing and caring! You rock!!!

  61. Dear Traci, I don’t know where to start, apart from saying “Thank you”. I read recently that you have just recently celebrated 12 years of better health and mind, this in itself has woken me up! I have been clean for 10 years, through shear determination and no help, however have still hiden in a bottle, which until now has not had any consequences. I have managed to not let it effect work or relationships, however have realised, it has a hold of me, I’m snapping at my girlfriend for no reason in the last few weeks, and once I finish a bottle of wine, I have to drink something else alcoholic as I don’t feel I’ve had enough until I cannot remember why I had a drink in the first place. I cannot let this effect my life anymore and have made a few phone calls but am finding it hard to make that step and go to a meeting. I cannot understand how I managed it with the drugs but not the drink!
    I have to ask, and if you cannot reply hope someone out there could let me know… Did you do it on your own or do you have to get help? Again thank you for being a true inspiration with an amazingly huge heart and soul x

    • Dear Emma,

      What a bold & powerful message to read. Thank you for caring enough about your life to ask for help. I am excited for you! Yes, I also asked for help. I have a very strong network of people that keep me in check on a daily basis. May *I* be so bold as to say, get your ass to a meeting & ask for help! Do it. Tell someone your secrets. Relieve yourself of trying to control this burden all on your own. There are so many support groups out there. Anonymous ones, of course. So, I’m going to trust that you will seek & find without my spelling it out for you. I’ll be holding you in my heart’s prayers. Blessings, ~t

      • Dear Traci,
        Thank you for taking the time to reply, I feel even though I don’t know you, I could confide in you. I hope you didn’t find my letter blunt or rude in anyway, I was desperate when I was writing it and everything just spilled out of me! I’ve had to look at getting help with my drinking as I’d really scared myself recently and know it’s been on the cards for years.
        You and your followers were the only ones I had told, and that in itself felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me. Since today I have confided in a friend, and am getting the courage to get my arse to a meeting on thursday, with a little support of course!
        Until writing to you I had always kept everything to myself, however this I couldn’t do any longer. I know as I’ve struggled through the last few days, that its going to be a very long haul, however from your advice, courage and inspiration and the relief of a friend knowing and being there, I have a glimmer of faith that I will make it to Thursday’s meeting.
        Some may never know how much this has helped me and yet I feel saying “Thank You” just doesn’t seem enough. Dear Traci, wishing you lots of happiness, peace and love in your life, Emma :@) xx

        • Dear Emma,

          Just want you to know that I’m thinking of you as you take on a whole new way of living. I promise you that I absolutely LOVE being sober & have much, MUCH more fun without the use of drugs. Sending you supportive thoughts…

          xoxo, ~t

          • Traci,
            Thank you for all your support and kind words, without people like yourself I would not be celebrating each day as a new beginning. Hopefully in time, I can in turn help others as you have helped me.
            You are a true inspiration with a huge heart.
            Much love
            Emm x

    • Emma,

      Just reading through posts and saw your post here! You are not alone!! Taking the first step is often the most difficult but please know that you have support and certainly we don’t know each other but I will also hold you in my prayers and the healing space. YOU can do this!

      Your Friend,

      • Hallie,

        Thank you for your kind words, hearing from Traci and now yourself has really helped, and each day has become a new voyage. Its taken a long time to realise there is help out there and some people really do care. I just hope in time I can give back what others have given me.

        Never forgotten
        Your friend
        Emma x

  62. Hi Traci,

    You’re creative energy has flowed all the way from America to the UK, and it means so much to me. You are like a breathe of fresh air.

    Firstly, I adore the character you played in ‘Elena Undone’, you’re portrayal was moving to watch, to say the least. It has become a very potent film for me as I have just come out and can see many parallels from within my own life story, being ‘femme’, always falling for girls that are probably straight lol, I could go on.

    Past that film, I now continue to be inspired by you as a person beyond actress with all the projects that you have going. It also refreshing to find someone like you, using your gifts and talents to touch the lives of others and really make a positive difference. It gives me strength as a woman, to be more than a label, to be more than my career choice, to live life to the fullest, embracing it- ups and downs.

    More than anything I respect you for how real you are. Thank you for sharing these parts of yourself.

    I just had to let you know, hope this reaches you well.

    Love, Peace and Light


    • Dear Em,

      ThankYOU for your wonderful comment. I’m thrilled to know I’ve given you an a “person” with which you can relate. I absolutely love my craft, and I’ll never take for granted that the roles I play touch the hearts of others. I’m so pleased “Elena Undone’ gave you a reflection.

      Sending Love, Peace, and Light right back atcha! ~t

  63. Not sure who will read this but here it goes.
    Hi, My name is Joey. I just read Traci’s magazine article. I live in a smaller city with some not so open minded people. I attend a technical school and my counselor contacted me to see if I wanted to start a way over due LGBT club with her. As Traci said she is representing B (I love that!) I would be in the T’s. I am Transgender. FtM. I am not trying to keep it a secret, but in this town I have to be careful who I tell. I like them to get to know “ME” first and then that way they listen with a open mind. While helping to start the club, the wrong person found out I was trans and in a half a day told a bunch of people in my degree. My stomach is in knots. I have to confront the whole class tomorrow. My amazing counselor, instructor, and some friends who know will be in there to support me, but I am still nervous. I just wanted to say thank you Traci, the article helped me relax some. What perfect timing. I am nervous but at the same time feel good. Maybe,Maybe this will stop some of the ignorance around here.
    (sorry for any spelling/grammar errors)

    • Dear Joey,

      I read all of the comments that come to my site as time permits. Your message touched me deeply. Just wanted to take a moment to send you my complete support, dear brothah! Please do come visit my FB fan page & post your story if you feel so inspired. There is an incredible community of love and support there just waiting to embrace you! Tell your anxious tummy that it’s going to be alright. I often have that same experience when I’m soon to do something that is very important to me. I’m eager to hear more about your journey as you claim yourself fully no matter what comes down the pike! You are loved. xoxo, ~t

  64. Traci,
    Linda comenzando por el nombre pasando por el cuerpazo y esa cara tan particular… e terminando por esos varios talentos, conocia lo genial actris que es y las habilidades como gimnasta mas en estos dias conoci el fabuloso talento de musica y cantora,esa musica que canta en el jardin que esta en youtube es divina, seria bueno poder oirla mientras manejo, que es la mayor parte de mis dias, alguna forma de poder acceder a ella?
    Y a la cantora bueno ni hablar, le propondria casamiento si fuera posible…
    bueno espero poder continuar viendo estos maravillosos trabajos desde esta parte del mundo,Argentina, internet gran posibilitador de ello, pese a no saber ingles ya que mucho no tiene leyenda pero se ve.
    Continua linda (por dentro) y fuera, muchos sucesos, gracias por todo eson un gran abrazo

    • Eu acho que vai ser dificil que voce responda mas um elogio pra vocé ler nunca é de mais, então la vai
      Caramba! Como vocé é linda!!! Não tem nada pra falar contra, quería ter metade do seu talento,destreza, dispossição, e beleza bom disso preciso mais que a metade com certeza.
      Eu não costumo fazer isto com ninguem mas tenho uma deblidade com sagitario, imagino é isso que me encoraja, que tenha um bom e belo final de semana e parabens pelos 12 anos de limpeza

  65. Hi Traci! (troublemaker :P:P:P:P)
    Let me be honest, I have not seen all your movies, roles, only Supernatural! I don’t watch alot movie, I am music fane! Youtube heard your song When I Rise, and now through the, now listen to him often,loved it lol :)!!! You have a great voice, when you write the cd, i certainly buy it! I have no idea whether you will receive this letter, but I still write:P:P:P,lol!!!! know that all you’ve got all sorts of questions all the time requires, I am doing it to 😛 lol!!! my question, when you rest? I get the impression that do rarely,because you are like the hamster wheel lol: D:!!! When you start to think for yourselves, not only for your fans, they will not disappear, if indeed your true fans!you’re the human,like even others,but so special,You also need love, heart heat, the other person beside yourself!!!!Take Care ok :):):)!!nice day to you,and sorry for directness:):):) :P:P:P:P xxx

  66. Dear Traci,

    It’s good that there are still people like you, people who can be an inspiration for the others. I have decided to write a book.. and you were my inspiration! Thank you for all these things you are doing! You are amazing!

    Lots of love,

    • Traci Will go Whith thee and be Thy guide . In thy Most need to go by Thy side.
      But I Think Tracy is Working Right now..

  67. Traci você é um sonho!linda,te amo ,te amo ,te amo ,te amo,te amo ,te amo, te amo …………………………….

    • avrei piacere di poter avere più video del fil…potreste metterne di nuovi su you tube?nella speranza che arrivi il dvd del film,anche qui in itali!!!!!!!kisskiss lidia

  68. Traci –

    It occurred to me today that I haven’t visited you here on your groovy new website in weeks. Have ya missed me…since the five minutes ago I posted on your Facebook page that is. 🙂 Seems like you’re not posting as much on Facebook and Twitter these days, but I hope it’s just because you are insanely busy with your fabulous life. You deserve the best life has to offer after all.

    Peace and love to you!


  69. J’ai vu le soleil bas, tache d’ horreurs mystiques ,
    Illuminant de longs figements violets,
    Pareils ‘a des acteurs de drames tres antiques
    Les flot roulant au loin leurs frissons de volets!

  70. Hi there,

    Interestingly enough, while looking up another West African Drummer’s information, whose first name is Tracie, I came across your name, Traci.

    Enthused that I accidentally landed upon another West African drummer, I searched your name, located some videos and listened to you drumming (and singing). Humbly, may I offer that I believe you are well on your way to becoming a real djembefola –

    I came across your website – this one. Very simply, you effervesce – What a life force you seem! I felt compelled to thank you for transmitting your spirit.

    BTW, I noted you listed part-time badass as an attribute. That made me smile, too. I couldn’t help but imagine that you are about as badass as a Leo Quan bridge (for guitars and basses).

    To point, I’d say that just like a badass (bridge) supports the strings on a stringed instrument and transmits the vibration of those strings to some other structural component of the instrument, in order to transfer the sound to the surrounding air, from what I read on this website (about you), you support the lives of those you touch by transmitting the “sounds” of your heart and soul to all that surrounds you. You invite everyone to gather together in peace, Traci.

    Back-story: Since studying the Numu – One of my degrees is in cultural anthropology –, I’ve been listening to West African drumming. I enjoy listening to solo artists who can make the djembe talk. I’m literally transfixed with joy and peace when artists can play phrases that harmonize with the background groove.

    Traci, serendipity was my introduction to your talent. Design will be the reason I follow it.


  71. Ok!Não entendi sua mensagem.Afinal eu só falo ,mal e porc amente a língua portutguesa.Mas omeu amo pela Traci transcende idiomas.

  72. But at Girl who can sing but she does’nt have thing, she’s a (drag) King – of the whole wild world…remember that when you’ll meet the petitioner at the grocery. 🙂

  73. Traci, thank for all that you are doing, thanks for movie roles. I am waiting for realise new movies with you! i fall in love with you at first time when i saw you. Actually, i never have told it anyone. Thank you for your energy! :-*

  74. спасибо за хорошую игру в “Elena Undone”! наилучшие пожелания – из Украины.

  75. Sent a few pennies your way. Use it as you wish, to help everyone, everything, and anything. You have put a smile on my face, with your genuine self. GOD BLESS…

  76. Traci, i met you some time ago…actually, it was film “Elena Undone”, but i fell in love on the beginning. Thank you for your creativity, for your cheerful mood, that you bring us from the screens of tv and from your web-site. I just feel, how your energy inspiring me. You are so different! Your playing drums is just a wow!!! Thank you!
    Hello from Russia!
    P.S.: would you like to visit our country?

  77. 你好Dear Traci:
    不知道你是否会来看看你的网页,如果能给我留言,Oh, my God! 那将是一件多么令人难忘的事!

    Hello Dear Traci:

    Don’t know whether you will come to have a look your webpage, if you can give me a message, Oh, my God! How it would be a memorable thing!

  78. Well, Traci…I’m sooo bummed:( Won’t be able to join you and others for the trip to Cozumel:( Don’t mind getting older, just mind the health issues. I’ll be out for 2 1/2 weeks, using up my vacation. It sucks…it was within my price range. Will be glad to donate to you, instead… Have fun and take many pictures 🙂

    • 你好Dear Traci:

  79. Dear Traci,

    Several weeks ago you were kind enough to send me the lyrics to “When I Rise” that I have heard you sing before. A song that I knew my preschoolers would love — and they have indeed enjoyed it very much. I have an autistic boy in my class who goes to a special school every day. I take him to the bus each morning. The past several mornings have been rough for him because his sister is sick — he has had severe meltdowns — and out of desperation I sang to him “When I rise” and it has calmed him down. Each time he gets upset — I sing that song to him and he feels better. I am so glad you introduced that song to you fans because it has helped him immensly. It is a great song and I am so glad I can pass it on to my students.


  80. The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be.

    Dalai Lama

    Hello Traci,

    I’ve seen some of your works and I think that you are an excellent actress. In many scenes I not only connected with your character but I also felt as if I was connecting with the emotions that your character was experiencing- awesome. I am not in any way qualified to critique your work. I just know good when I see it. After watching your movie I thought “who is this woman?” so I checked you out a little on the internet. Don’t want to go overboard here, but I thought that you were even more beautiful after learning of your efforts to help others. I see the love in your actions. Keep going chick and thank you!!!

    Just a fan

  81. Read bout your SAGging insurance on fb. Hang in there girl (if you’re on the trapeze hang on TIGHTER:) Brighter days ahead. My fingers are crossed for a Pamela Barnes resurrection on Supernatural to help your “quarters” get back to qualifying. Sending you sunny days and smiles– Ann

    • Count my crossed fingers too. I’ve heard tell of such possibility.
      I dont have time for serials, but i’ve started watching Supernatural for a Pamela’s(Traci) sake :)) and liked the show in general afterwards.
      So…producers…Pamela is of a big importance for another hundreds of viewers to be attracted.

  82. Dear Traci,
    You want to tell us that we have a new home…and someone must move all the furniture…here.All the cans with Grape Soda and the Cabot Cheese (pronounce like- rabbit sheese..)…Ok.Fine.I will take care for the box with moustaches under the bed.

  83. Traci asked ” What actions are you taking to contribute to the wellness & equality of ALL women?”

    My anwer to is … Keep on fighting for the Rights that your grandma and her sisters Created. And strive on being good at what ever you choose in life. In the end it’s All about love & be loved in return.

    And my action is Still a short movie i produced about girls who are still treadet like my grandmother was in the 18 centurie. So keep fighting for those girls. They need you to show the Way every Day.

    And Thank you Traci for being one of Them. You are a REAL Star… Take Care under your rainbow were blue birds fly ( They fly at Yosimite as Well 🙂

    • I have been pondering Traci’s question concerning actions taken to contribute to the wellness and equality of ALL women. I asked myself — what have I done? I would have to say that my own personal journey toward my empowerment is my contribution. I pulled myself away from a life where it was thought that women should remain silent — and have no personal feelings or opinions. I literally had no voice. I did not want my girls entering womanhood and thinking “it is what it is.” I ended that marriage and moved over 400 miles away from it to start a new life. I came to terms with who I am, I taught my girls to be independent. We are closer now then ever before. They now see me as a strong woman — not a weak one. I have shared my story with other women who have found themselves in similar positions. I support equal rights for ALL woman and will continue to have my voice heard.

  84. Hello tracy .. I was always waiting to see what the latest news from you, all about you I want to know, every time I always go to fb, twitter, and also the others, when you can come to Indonesia?

  85. Chère Traci,

    Vous semblez être une femme très dynamique, j’aimerais bien accompagner votre groupe à Cozumel et ce, même si je n’ai jamais pratiqué le Yoga. Je suis certaine qu’avec un professeur comme vous ce serait très amusant. Si c’est possible, j’aimerais bien pouvoir rejoindre votre groupe le 2 ou le 3 pour passer le reste de la semaine.


  86. When you go Down Under (Australia) greet it for me, It’s just a wonderfull world down there.
    Where will the convention take place in Australia?

    PS the site looks great

  87. Traci, don’t know you but I have recently watched Elena Undone and was floored with your performance it set me on FIRE!! I am glad I didn’t have to explain why I was so sweaty when I went to bed (: he was asleep!

  88. Where is that love is living now … must have moved far away, because we are deprived of it. But we should always look for him to find him. And quoting an author who I really appreciate, Osho:
    “Live like an ocean.Be ocean!
    Nothing is lost, nothing can be lost.
    And you is not individual, it just seems to be.
    The whole is attached to you and you are only one face of the whole, is how all happened. Do not worry because all work never ends. The existence has neither beginning nor end…
    Giving is a prayer
    Giving is love.
    And those who can give will always have more to give”.
    The road is you who will build throughout its existence, then walk knowing that you are an ocean. A big kiss on your heart.

  89. Hallo mevrouw Traci, enige tijd geleden ben ik u op youtube tegengekomen met het bespelen van de drum. Ik ben geen fan van films of degerlijke,… mijn excuses daarvoor. Ik hou van de eenfout van de muziek. Ikzelf speel darbuka en djembee,…. zingen doe ik alleen onder de douche 😉 Mijn vraag aan u is of u een cd heeft opgenomen, zou u mij kunnen vertelen hoe ik daar aan kan komen. Alvast bedankt.
    Toen ik u film op youtube bekeek zag ik een ander filmpje van u. Dit deed mij denken aan het volgende gezegde: trapeze

    Wie met beide benen op de grond staat, komt geen stap vooruit

    Met vriendelijke groeten, Renata

  90. Hi Traci,
    enige tijd geleden heb ik geprobeert met u in contact te komen, dit is helaas niet gelukt. Ik ben geen filmster-fan, sorry! Ik hou van drum muziek, hierdoor ben ik u tegen gekomen op youtube. Ik vind uw zang samen met het spelen op de drum erg mooi. Ik speel zelf djembee en darbuka, zo vindt ik Simona Abdallah geweldig. Mijn vraag aan u is of u muziek heeft opgenomen op cd. Kunt u mijn vertellen hoe daar aan te komen?

    Alvast bedankt en veel plezier met uw fans

    Ik zag ook een ander film op youtube van u
    Deze laat me denken aan een wijs gezegde,….
    Wie met beide benen op de grond blijft staan, komt niet ver.

    Met vriendelijke groeten

      • Maybe I can be of some assistance…
        The English translation from Dutch is the following…

        Some time ago I tried to come in contact with you. Unfortunately I didn’t succeeded. I am not a movie fan, sorry. But I love drum music, and this is how I stumbled across you on You Tube. I like you’re singing together with the drum, it`s very beautiful. I play the djembe and darbuka myself. I think Simona Abdallah is great. I would like to ask you if you have recorded a CD and how to get it?

        Thank you en lots of fun with your fans

        Best wishes,

        • Dear Tracy,
          Didn’t see the last part of her message to you.
          In English it says,

          I also saw another video of you on You Tube which reminds me of a saying.
          (not sure if I can translate this in English, but It should be something like) Who stands with boot feet on the ground, doesn’t get very far.

          Best wishes,

          Yours sincerely

      • Dear Ms Traci
        My question to you is or you have brought out a CD
        I gladly want know how I can come there to.
        My sincere excuses, I am no supporter of films
        I saw you playing on youtube on the darbuka
        I love the simplicity and placidity of energy
        I play also darbuka, I am supporter of Simona Abdullah 😉

        I do not think that this mail of me belong on this site, but this the only way to contact you.


  91. It is amazing how many people love everything you do and represent:) I’m honored to have found you and the rest of your following. You surely have a lot to offer everyone.
    I truly hope, that by crossing paths, we all will be able to grow, as teachers and students, for one another. It is a great feeling, knowing that I’m not the only one, to feel this way.
    Blessings to you and those with you and close to you.

  92. Dear Traci,
    Wanted to say how much of a fan I am of your work and as a person you truly shine.! I’m so in awe at the following of loyal fans you have and it says tons about the kind of person you are! To give of yourself so freely takes loads of charactor and strength! Not often a rare blossom of a flower, is so visible to so many ppl! Corny I know but I’ve got an old soul and i’m a hopeless romantic..what a combo! Thanks for your time!

    • I agree totally. Traci your opening your life to the fans who admire you is very refreshing. You make us smile. The world needs morenofmthat don’t ya think.

  93. Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the Groove Goddess of them all? And The Wonder Woman is she Tall? Is she the fairest of them all? I think she is. She is the Biz. 10 out of 10 in the Quiz. But is she his?……

  94. Hi, Traci: I just ran into *you* for the first time this week through renting the movie Elena Undone. You and Necar were electric and absolutely believable together. I was wondering if in the making of the film there was an *overt* archetypal base for the relationship? I saw one, but that is the way I see the world.
    Whether or not it was deliberate it has been helpful to me as I move into a place of greater integration, so I thank you and everyone involved in the film for their contribution to my growth.

    Namaste, Merlinda


  96. Traci,
    Nice job on the Webpage. It is an honor to have become a T~bug. I have met so many wonderful people who share your love for life. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your world with us. It truly is insprirational.

  97. Dear Traci,
    Love the new website, love your spirit, your generosity,& your beauty inside and out. You truly put the Groove in Goddess! I’m still holding out for you to play the new Wonder Woman!

  98. Spoza nas

    nie bój się chodzenia po morzu
    nieudanego życia
    wszystkiego najlepszego
    dokładnej sumy niedokładnych danych
    miłości nie dla ciebie
    czekania na nikogo

    przytul w ten czas nieludzki
    swe ucho do poduszki
    bo to co nas spotyka
    przychodzi spoza nas

  99. Just a silly question – how do you do all this..acting, directing, producing, sites, FB, Twitter..When do you have “You time?” (guess that was more than 1 question).

    I am so amazed by you.

  100. Just watched Elena Undone and discovered you. Wonderful performance – moving and believable. You are simply stunning – apparently inside as well as out (at least based on comments from others). All the best to you.

  101. Traci, I just wanted to drop in to tell you how much I love your new website. It is fun and colorful and groovy, just like you. It’s getting late here and I must go to bed, but I plan on visiting your site often if that’s okay. In the meantime, I’ll see ya on Facebook. Thanks for making the world a better place. Peace and love to you.

    Mary Martin

  102. Dear Traci,

    Wanna say hello to you. I love to see how you bring yourself into the world and how you inspire me and others and how you get inspired by them. Thank you for being you!
    I am also building a new website called Prem Dan (means in Hindi, A Gift of Love). It will/can be a Place to Be and healing. Work in progress to..
    Congrats with your new site here! Love the colorfulniss. That it will bring a lot of Goodisness!

  103. Great job on the new website…your words not only inspire many people daily it brings happiness, color, focus and harmony…I am amazed by how you keep it all real…To live life on the expanding landscape of the open heart instead of being trapped inside society’s narrow minded box…love your work, your spirit, your joy and the beauty your share.

  104. Dearest Traci ~ Paths certainly do cross in mysterious ways. I am so happy and constantly moved that my path has crossed with yours. Your gentle and loving spirit soars throughout the T-bug community and beyond. LOVE the fresh new look of your website. As always, I intend to visit often!
    Love, Good Isness and Namaste _/\_

  105. Traci D, I will never forget the day I discovered you and the world it opened up! You are ‘good people’ with a spirit that shines brightly for all to see. Your passion for life inspires many. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. Much love and respect, a devoted T~Bug, Melissa \../\../ and _/\_ Namaste

  106. Oh Traci, how exciting to see this new website! I look forward to seeing more of you here! Many blessings on this and all your magical adventures. Love and _/\_ .

  107. It is so refreshing to see someone else who may embrace the words of Rumi.
    The soul sometimes leaves the body, the returns.
    When someone doesn’t believe that,
    walk back into my house.
    Like this

  108. Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. – Rumi.
    This to me say’s it all about you. You are truly amazing – I am just so sorry it took me so long to witness your gifts

  109. I cant help asking a question. Why such a spectacular, memorable actress doesnt play more leading parts? I am a new fan and wish watching more films starring Traci.
    You exercise an influence and inspiration while performing. So glad and proud to discover you.

  110. You are the true essence of human kind. What you see is what you get. No airs about you. GENUINE. Keep doing what you do and continue to provide us with your insight. I am thankful just to know about you and you are appreciated. Thank You!

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