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In honor of Pride Month: a tele-summit for women who love women!

In honor of Pride Month: a tele-summit for women who love women!


Dearest T~bugs!

I have a special invitation for you to join me for a series of conversations with amazing women, like Kate Clinton, Merryn Johns, Shannon Wentworth and more, about living your best lesbian (and bi) life!

This eight day internet event is free to my T~bugs, so please sign up and enjoy hours of insightful, empowering conversations.

Enjoy your complimentary access to this event!

My conversation will air on Tuesday, June 26th at 4pm PST; however, I encourage you to listen to ALL of these wonderful women!

This event is special because it’s the first event designed for women who love women to show you how to rock your BEST self forward and live your BEST life.  It’s all about #GoodIsness!!!


Your lesbian experts are:

  • Kate Clinton — Lesbian icon and political humorist
  • Merryn Johns — Editor in Chief — Curve Magazine
  • Nicole Breedlove — CEO and President of OurSistaCircle. A social networking website for lesbians of color worldwide.
  • Pauline Miriam — Founder and CEO — Hot Flash Dance Parties, LLC
  • Liz Margolies, LCSW — Founder and Executive Director – National LGBT Cancer Network
  • Traci Dinwiddie — Actress, Yogini, African Drummer, Part-time Bad Ass and Full Time Fruit Cake
  • Shannon Wentworth — CEO and founding partner of Sweet, a lesbian travel company
  • Dr. Frankie Bashan — Founder and CEO of Little Gay Book – Matchmaker, Therapist and Dating Coach
  • Mimi Gonzalez — Cuban-Italian American and a professional comedian of almost twenty years
  • Carolyn Gage — lesbian feminist playwright, performer, director, and activist and Lambda Award winner
  • Kathy Belge — Activist, Journalist and Guide to all things Lesbian on
  • Aliya Hallim-Byne — Founder of Wonder Women, Relationship Coach and Matchmaker.
  • DJ Jodi Dustin — Rocking New England with T-dances for women and their families
  • Poppy Champlin — Comedian, Improv Artist and a member of the Queer Queens of Comedy
  • Barb Elgin, MSW, LSCW — Relationship and Dating Coaching for Single Lesbians and Lesbian Couples, Founder and Host of Lesbian Love Talk Radio Show
This is your chance to learn more about how to get and stay healthy, improve your relationships, get started on creating that business you’ve been dreaming about, and learn how to be an effective community builder. This is also a great opportunity to energize yourself with positive, powerful female energy.

It’s time for you to live your most wild and precious life. Join us, and step into the life of your dreams.

Enjoy your complimentary access to this event!

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So, I know some of you have been asking why #MoustacheMonday???!  I thought I’d take a moment to answer this question here on my little blog.  The answer is… why not?  I really dig rituals and especially enjoy a good laugh. Moustache Monday is a way for all of us to enjoy a community ritual and be as silly as we choose!

Speaking of silly, I thought I’d share a vid of my “Oscar night” Moustache Monday prep with you.  This was nabbed while I was digging into my recycling bin in search of my crushed Zevia cans of which I’d already disposed. Remember that one? “Red Carpet Rodeo”? I’ll proudly remind ya… 😉

Unfortunately for one of my neighbors, I was caught in the act while wearing my “costume” and in a very frisky mood. Watch the  vid below and see how my #MM persona spooks the bajobbers outa her!  Twas all good-natured humor, of course.  Some people get me, some don’t.  For those that do get me, my hat goes off to ya & my moustache goes ON!

Happy #MoustacheMonday, T~bugs!  May it be filled with hairy~lipped smiles all around!

Love, ~t

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You are invited to join me for yoga in Cozumel…

You are invited to join me for yoga in Cozumel…

Why should you come to Sweet’s Cozumel Resort? Should such a question even exist, I suppose my answer would be this:

It’s a private paradise.

You’ll be surrounded by beautiful, spirited women and gay-friendly folks who’ll tend to your every wish (well, almost). Seriously, this is my list of things I loved about my last Sweet trip:

  • Gorgeous nature
  • Snorkeling (Meeting Bernie, the friendly stingray!)
  • A slew of fun-in-the-sun outdoor activities. I particularly liked the kayak races.
  • Community service options that truly warm your heart
  • Comedy that’ll make you laugh so hard ya almost pee pee your pretties!
  • True camaraderie
  • Quiet time
  • Karaoke
  • Raucous boat rides
  • Excellent food prepared in every delicious way you could imagine (including healthy)
  • Phenomenal sunsets
  • Did I mention phenomenal sunsets?
  • Romantic nooks at every turn
  • Personal, in-room hot tubs, in which you can practically swim laps!
  • Peaceful, easy feeling getting to be with your partner in a completely safe environment
  • Babs. She is like a lesbian version of Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way!

And, of course, YOGA!!!

YES, I will be facilitating yoga, once again, on this Sweet trip. My plan is to take you though several basic-intermediate practices using the Anusara principles of alignment along with some fun Kundalini and various authentic movement exercises. This is not about being super flexible or strong. It’s about working with your current body condition and moving it in specific ways to release blocked energy so you may experience your true grace. My classes are not serious. We laugh, sing and get our groove on! I’ll be sure to make some time for us to explore any specific postures that you would like to tackle. Yes, you will sweat. You will also work your core. Most importantly, you will feel so damn good that the rest of your day in paradise shall be enjoyed with a fully radiant and nicely worked bod!

Need I say more?

Join me for a week in paradise, September 1-8, 2012, at Sweet’s Cozumel Resort. Details.  Space is limited. Call Julie and start your no interest, no fees payment plan today! 877.793.3830

***Tell Julie that Traci sent ya, & you’ll be immediately signed up for my T~bug goodies & luncheon!***


Traci Dinwiddie
Actress, Yogini and sun-lovin’ Groove Goddess

P.S. Space is limited. Call Julie and start your no interest, no fees payment plan today! 877.793.3830

Check out the video from our last yoga class on Sweet’s Isla Mujeres Resort in 2011 for a little taste of what’s to come!

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