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So, I know some of you have been asking why #MoustacheMonday???!  I thought I’d take a moment to answer this question here on my little blog.  The answer is… why not?  I really dig rituals and especially enjoy a good laugh. Moustache Monday is a way for all of us to enjoy a community ritual and be as silly as we choose!

Speaking of silly, I thought I’d share a vid of my “Oscar night” Moustache Monday prep with you.  This was nabbed while I was digging into my recycling bin in search of my crushed Zevia cans of which I’d already disposed. Remember that one? “Red Carpet Rodeo”? I’ll proudly remind ya… 😉

Unfortunately for one of my neighbors, I was caught in the act while wearing my “costume” and in a very frisky mood. Watch the  vid below and see how my #MM persona spooks the bajobbers outa her!  Twas all good-natured humor, of course.  Some people get me, some don’t.  For those that do get me, my hat goes off to ya & my moustache goes ON!

Happy #MoustacheMonday, T~bugs!  May it be filled with hairy~lipped smiles all around!

Love, ~t

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