In honor of Pride Month: a tele-summit for women who love women!

In honor of Pride Month: a tele-summit for women who love women!


Dearest T~bugs!

I have a special invitation for you to join me for a series of conversations with amazing women, like Kate Clinton, Merryn Johns, Shannon Wentworth and more, about living your best lesbian (and bi) life!

This eight day internet event is free to my T~bugs, so please sign up and enjoy hours of insightful, empowering conversations.

Enjoy your complimentary access to this event!

My conversation will air on Tuesday, June 26th at 4pm PST; however, I encourage you to listen to ALL of these wonderful women!

This event is special because it’s the first event designed for women who love women to show you how to rock your BEST self forward and live your BEST life.  It’s all about #GoodIsness!!!


Your lesbian experts are:

  • Kate Clinton — Lesbian icon and political humorist
  • Merryn Johns — Editor in Chief — Curve Magazine
  • Nicole Breedlove — CEO and President of OurSistaCircle. A social networking website for lesbians of color worldwide.
  • Pauline Miriam — Founder and CEO — Hot Flash Dance Parties, LLC
  • Liz Margolies, LCSW — Founder and Executive Director – National LGBT Cancer Network
  • Traci Dinwiddie — Actress, Yogini, African Drummer, Part-time Bad Ass and Full Time Fruit Cake
  • Shannon Wentworth — CEO and founding partner of Sweet, a lesbian travel company
  • Dr. Frankie Bashan — Founder and CEO of Little Gay Book – Matchmaker, Therapist and Dating Coach
  • Mimi Gonzalez — Cuban-Italian American and a professional comedian of almost twenty years
  • Carolyn Gage — lesbian feminist playwright, performer, director, and activist and Lambda Award winner
  • Kathy Belge — Activist, Journalist and Guide to all things Lesbian on
  • Aliya Hallim-Byne — Founder of Wonder Women, Relationship Coach and Matchmaker.
  • DJ Jodi Dustin — Rocking New England with T-dances for women and their families
  • Poppy Champlin — Comedian, Improv Artist and a member of the Queer Queens of Comedy
  • Barb Elgin, MSW, LSCW — Relationship and Dating Coaching for Single Lesbians and Lesbian Couples, Founder and Host of Lesbian Love Talk Radio Show
This is your chance to learn more about how to get and stay healthy, improve your relationships, get started on creating that business you’ve been dreaming about, and learn how to be an effective community builder. This is also a great opportunity to energize yourself with positive, powerful female energy.

It’s time for you to live your most wild and precious life. Join us, and step into the life of your dreams.

Enjoy your complimentary access to this event!

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  1. Thank you Traci, for teaching me to wake up and fall asleep with gratitude! Every day is a day of gratitude. What am grateful today … I am thankful that I have the good fortune to enjoy this new day. I am thankful that I am free. Freedom is a gift that is too often forget to appreciate.
    I am thankful that I’m healthy now. I am thankful for the love of my children, my friends … I am a happy person. I start my day with a smile and good mood ….
    “Happy is not the one, who has what you want, and who wants what you have”.

    Much, much <3 & :-*

  2. Hello Traci!
    Happy Birthday! Be happy always! I am happy that you are in this world! Your soul is so beautiful and bright! You are beautiful angel, wonderful woman, very interesting person, amazing actress and lovely lady! You are beautiful spring shining sun! The world blossoms and shines it because you are!
    I want to send you a beautiful poems by Russian poets who lived in the early 20th century. True, this is just a simple translation. Sorry, I only speak very little English and I can not show you all the beauty of these poems:

    Innokentiy Annensky
    Among the worlds
    I repeat the name of one Star
    Among the worlds in sparkling of luminaries.
    Not because I love Her
    But because I am sick and tired when I am with others.
    And when my hesitating is hard for me
    I am looking for the answer from Her only,
    Not because She shines
    But because I don’t need the light being near Her.

    Marina Tsvetaeva
    A Student
    To be your boy with fair head,
    – Oh, through the centuries! –
    And wonder following you greatness
    in my dusty gown of a student.
    To catch your lively breath
    in all mixtures of people.
    I live with your breath
    like the gown lives with wind’s blowing.
    To push the ordinary people
    more confident than King David.
    To be your gown
    from all world’s offences.
    To be among the sleeping students
    and not to sleep this time.
    And when the people only pick up the stones for beating
    my gown would turn into the shield!
    (Oh, this poem is interrupted
    because the knife is too sharp!)
    And smiling inspired – to be the first
    who would ascend to your fire.
    Thank you very much for your attention! Good luck! Let all your wonderful dreams come true!
    With great respect to you! Anna. Ukraine.

  3. hello, Traci

    I love your blog … you are a very adventurous woman with many facets to your life framed in many areas such as dancing, singing, acting, trapeze, swimming, love of animals, nature in so many other things .. . wow you are very versatile in your life … I love what you do before was little adventurous … now I’m devoting more to do with abseiling, canyoning, paragliding and many extreme sports .. is super …




  4. Здравствуйте, Traci! Спасибо вам за вашу любовь к людям, к животным, к нашей планете Земле! За удивительный Свет, который вы излучаете, дарите людям и всем вокруг! Спасибо вам за ваше творчество! За всё, что вы делаете во имя Любви и Добра! Вы потрясающий, удивительный человек!

  5. Hi Traci and Goodisness in abundance to you and yours

    A big thank you for passing on the Pride Month Tele-summit access information. I have thoroughly enjoyed listinging to all the speakers and I have to say a huge thanks to Mary Malia for hosting this great event which has reached me (and touched me)all the way down under in Aussieland. I just listened to your segment again and took notes this time 🙂 to reflect on. You have given me such a gift – the courage to continue on my own recovery journey. My world turned up-side-down about a year and a half ago when I found myself at the age of 42, alone (having ended a 15 year marriage), jobless, 30kg overweight(roughly 65 pounds in US) and severely depressed with no will to live. I felt so unhealthy and lost, I could barely stand being in my own skin. For about 6 months, I barely left my house but it gave me some time to heal a little and make some better decisions in life – the first being that I wanted to live. Like you, I gave up certain foods that were making me sick – flour being one of them – and started getting good, healthy, and where possible, home grown, food into my body. So far I have dropped about 20kg (44 pounds)but more importantly, a huge amount of body fat. I am slowly introducing new disciplines into my life which have so helped to boost self esteem and confidence. At present I am looking for a good strength building routine to incorporate into my daily schedule. Life is so damn good and I am so blessed with great friends, family and of course my furry friends.
    Mary’s question re what you consider are the important ingredianets to a healthy life was such a beautiful one. Laughter was also number one on my list – god, it feels so good to laugh again. I loved your comment about communicating with a soft heart – I could write a novel about what that means for me :-). Oh and…hahahahah…don’t even get me started on perimenopause – whatever happened to ‘structural intergrity’ – my boobs are soooooo heading south :-).

    Traci, thank you so much for reminding me to keep leaning into all those things in life that light me up. I leave you with the chorus of a John Denver song that is near and dear to my heart:

    I want to Live
    I want to Grow
    I want to See
    I want to Know
    I want to Share what I can Give
    I want to Be
    I want to LIVE

    With Goodisness always


    • Dear Monique,

      What a true JOY to read your comment! I’m so inspired by your strength and courage to push off the bottom of a shadowy time and back
      into your true light. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and all who come to visit my site. The more we share our journeys, the more we can know that we are not alone. This being human takes a tribe! Welcome to my tribe, sister. Respectfully, ~t

      • Thanks Traci and thank you for building such a warm and wonderful community of T-Bugs. I can’t quite recall which one of the speakers at the summit said this but I did write it down – it was in reference to being a ‘builder of community’ and it is a passion of mine to become a serious builder of community. You have achieved this in such a beautiful way on your FB page. I can’t wait to get home from work on Monday’s to check out the moustache craziness for the day :-).

        Thank you also for sharing who your role models are (at the Summit interview). I just watched the Music video of Storm Large’ ‘My Vigina is 8 Miles Wide’ – and just about killed myself laughing. I am a wee fledgeling in the LBGT world so all this is just food for my soul.

        With delight and laughter


        MM xo

  6. Traci,
    Once again, thank you for your outstanding conversation on the tele-summit. For all who listened in, your “good- Isness” came through loud and clear. It is very apparent that you are rooted and grounded in love. I wonder if you realize just how many lives you have touched for good all across the world. Sometimes, in the course of our human story, certain people blaze across the horizon with the ability to alter the narrative drastically. You are one such person. Many people are living their lives differently because they have been inspired by you. I am one and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Remember the line from the musical “Les Mis” : “To love another person is to see the face of God.” You have helped me to see the Godness and goodness in others. May you continue to be blessed.

  7. While I didn’t get to listen to all of the interviews, the women I did hear were certainly insightful and inspiring. I have to say; however, that your interview was particularly meaningful for me.

    Traci, you are the most honest, intelligent, kind, loving, spiritually grounded person that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I also literally had tears in my eyes when you spoke so lovingly about your partner. You really have no idea how much your words light me up and make me want to reach within, exorcise my demons, and be a better person. Fighting my addiction is a daily battle for me, but I am beginning to feel like there may be hope in eventually overcoming it. Thank you for that.


    Fan #5167

  8. Hi Traci,
    Just wondering if your heart was still pondering on “Sometimes you don’t know what’s missing because it’s missing”, or if you’ve found some insights and clarity, enough to allow it to settle.

    Fairly new to everything about you, and I’m finding you to be intriguing, incredibly authentic, open, honest, spiritual, sensual, comical, most lovable, and all around good juju. I’m enjoying catching up on all the videos you’ve made. Not enough hours in the day it seems. Until next time. ~namaste~

      • Traci, you had me at ‘namaste’. 😉 Simply love you… I just do. 😉 It’s beyond description, so I won’t even try.

      • Traci,
        Didn’t want you to think that was just a corny line, the ‘you had me at’ remark. I’ll explain- One of the first videos I ever saw of you was this one – – “Thank you, my Lovely T~bugs!” – What you said at the end was so revealing of your true character and essence, I was moved to tears, especially when you said ‘namaste’. (just a moment in time when some things that have been happening in my life ‘made sense’ as you said that word… a word that is fairly new to me, but one that’s within me now) — If you’ve ever asked yourself, what is it people see in me, or why does everyone seem to fall in love with me ???? Watch yourself in that video and you’ll have your answer. you are wonder-full

  9. hello Traci
    this is sounds interesting!i wish i could join this internet event with amazing women like you..but is it only available in your country?

    • Hello Hasmida!
      This workshop is available all over the world. Simply click on the access link & you’ll be directed to a page sign up. You will be emailed a schedule as well as updates. Hope you join us! xoxo, ~t

  10. I’ve shared this with as many people as I can think of who aren’t already T~bugs. Hope you get tons of hits!

    I signed up today. It actually sounds pretty cool, and let’s face it, if these conversations can help me rock my best self forward and live my dreams, you are all freakin’ miracle workers!

    • This T~Bug is all ready to go on her end! I’m eager to listen, learn and indulge myself into all of the different mentors! ~Gonna be GREAT!!

  11. hello Traci 🙂
    this is sounds interesting!i wish i could join this internet event with amazing women like you..but is it only available in your country?

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