My First Trapeze Cabaret!

My First Trapeze Cabaret!


Training for this Cabaret felt much like falling in love…  It hurt sooooo good!  There were many mistakes, many gorgeous treasures found along the way as I fumbled into this mysterious & utterly magnetic craft.  I felt raw & emotional as I spent hours twisting & turning, hanging & nearly falling…  It was worth it.  It IS worth it.  I believe I may have found something to build upon for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Arnica!  Thank you, Epsom salts! Thank you, Nina Simone.  Without you, my training for this Cabaret would have come to a fast halt.  Most importantly~ Thank you, my Dear One.  You inspire me every day.  This piece, entitled “True Love”, is absolutely dedicated to you.  Yours, ~t





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  1. une veritable artiste dans tous les sens du terme… et une femme magnifique… dans tous les sens du terme… je suis ravie d’avoir vu elena undone et d’avoir decouvert le reste. bonne continuation
    ps : ton plus gros defaut ? 😉

  2. Que dire de plus après toutes ces éloges et cet enthousiasme tant mérite à votre égard.
    Vous êtes splendide de graçe et de sensualité , perchée la haut en équilibre sur cette barre!
    Je suis très fière d’être FEMME en vous regardant vivre!

  3. Não te darei flores,não te darei elas murcham,elas morrem
    não te darei presentes,não te darei pois envelhecem e se desbotam
    não te darei bombons,não te darei eles acabam,eles derretem
    Dar-te-ei finalmente os beijos meus
    deixarei que esses lábios sejam meus ,sejam teus
    esses embalam …esses secam…mas esses ficam
    Dar-te-ei a mim mesmo agora

  4. you are inspiring me so much…i appreciated your arms in elena undone, but this takes it to a whole other level. your dedication,perseverance,strength and determination is just TRULY amazing. love and light

    • Hello Michele,

      Thank you so much for visiting my site & sharing your kind words with me. Sending love & light right back atcha!


  5. Трейси, Вы просто удивительная женщина! Необыкновенная! Не могла оторваться от Вашего выступления. Посмотрела несколько раз подряд. Браво!!!! Любовь творит чудеса. Любви и счастья Вам!!!

  6. Traci, you the very perfection, incredibly beautiful performance with much refinement, fascinating, I watched with bated breath. Поздравления! Applause and from me! :-*

  7. felicidades, eres un ser especial, con muchos talentos.Gracias por compartirnoslos, gracias por ser mi inspiracion para mis cambios positivos.Deseo que todo lo que te propongas lo logres por que te lo merec

  8. That was an absolutely beautiful performance. And your dedication to your Dear One brings tears to my eyes. Happy that you two are so happy. Thank you for sharing this special performance with all of us.

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