Welcome to my page!  For those interested in my latest projects, you’ve come to the right place!

Hanging out with Traci Dinwiddie!

As some of you already know, I’ve taken on a new adventure in learning the art of Trapeze.  You may want to stop by every now and then for a new “trick” pic or video.  It’s so much more fun to share my journey with you!


“Awakened”  is a sci~fi thriller in which I play one of the leads, Lula Baker.  Imagine a group of insomniacs joining a case study involving recurring dreams of demons sitting on their chests.  Suddenly, they awaken to find they are NOT dreaming!  Yep. Spooky!

Recently wrapped the pilot, “Brandt Point”.  I play Teresa Sullivan, a single mother doing her best to care for her daughter & keep her personal drama a secret.  This show reminds me so much of “Dawson’s Creek”.  (Which was where I began my journey as a television actress!)

“Anhedonia” is a modern day fairytale that I’ve endeavored to help produce.  I play Anhedonia, the eldest daughter of a very powerful CEO, who looses her will to live.  The film centers around a contest that the CEO manifests among the townspeople to win a million dollars if they can inspire her to live again.  We are currently in post production & could certainly use your help in making the final touches.

For more, head on over to our Indiegogo page!

Though it’s “hush~hush” right now, I will tell you that I’m doing some hilarious voice work for a lead character (& various others) in Michael Granberry’s latest stop~motion animation project.  It makes me laugh so hard, I fall out of my seat.  Seriously.  Keep an eye out for my big post on this soon!

AUSTRALIA, here I come!!!  I’ll be joining my buddies, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, and Richard Speight, Jr. for an appearance at “All Hell Breaks Loose” Supernatural Convention on May 26th & 27th, 2012.  It’s not too late to book your tix!

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