“aLIVE” aerial song & dance show tickets are UP!!!


Date, Time & Place

Saturday, January 27th at 4p PST. The interwebs of FaceBook.

 *  There are tiered price options so you may choose what ticket price works best for your budget. 

*  Be sure to enter your email that you use for FB in the “shipping” directions. You will receive an invite to a private group page for the event.

*  All “option WeeeEEEeee” ticket holders will also receive an autographed aerial photo in their post box. Be sure to include your correct postal address.

*  I reserve the right to remove any ticket-holders from my show if such ticket holder is an asshat. So, don’t be an asshat. Thanks!

What would you like to pay?

Thank you all, in advance, for your RADICAL support! I’m super curious to see how this unfolds. Such fun! Proceeds will be used to make more art & heal.

As always, I shall give 10% to an animal rescue organization of my choice. (Laura Wright, check your email, gurl. Gonna send your shelter some moolah love!)

TIPS for t~Bird!!!


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